End of School Year – Start the Procrastinating

For Australian students, at least in my area, the school year is almost over and the summer holidays will soon begin. Being in the senior end of the school means I get to finish earlier than all the littlies in the junior end. This means more free time! Or so I hope…

Being the chronic procrastinator I am, I will most likely find other things to do aside from writing. Anything except write. That’s just the way I am, and I’m sure there are many, many other writers out there who have the same problem. So what brings on this problem?

I read a post on the Men With Pens blog a while ago titled “What Brand of Panic Are You Smoking?” (link: http://menwithpens.ca/looming-deadlines) and this got me thinking. Are people really that easily split between Those Who Love Pressure and Those Who Hate Pressure? To be honest, I don’t really think a distinction can be easily made. I know I procrastinate until the last minute, but since leaving things to the last possible moment usually means ending up in shouting matches with my mother, I don’t like to do it. I think my problem is that I just don’t like working unless I’m left with absolutely no choice.

You get this situation often when it comes to students around my age, not quite in the final years of school but getting close. It’s often the point when kids decide they just can’t be bothered with it all. Still, they know they have to slog through it in order to get anywhere, whether that be just a pass so they can get an apprenticeship or whether they plan to go on to university. Perhaps we young ones have a completely different set of rules, which I find hard to believe since we are well on our way to adulthood by this stage.

Then perhaps the two types of people, Pressure-Lovers and Pressure-Haters, can have some kind of crossover. Maybe it’s not completely black-and-white but a mixture of the two, generally one more than the other. Maybe it’s possible to like finishing things well before the deadline, but only if it’s something really awesome that the person really wants to do. Maybe it’s possible to prefer staying up through the night to complete a project with desperation bleeding into every syllable, but you really wish you had begun sooner. Or maybe I’m just thinking to much of it.

Perhaps it’s time I pulled my socks up and figured out some kind of positive reinforcement to force me to write through the upcoming school holidays. A lolly for every page I handwrite and then type up? A piece of chocolate for every completed chapter that I have transferred from written in a notebook to typed on the computer? Yes, maybe that will work. Now that just leaves convincing my mother to play along…


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